Oh hi, We are Nathan and Mellissa!

and It’s OUR honor to help you create a home that is your heaven on earth, and still love your spouse when you are finished.

We are overjoyed that you stumbled upon our blog. Please hang out, and get some great ideas on how you can make your home like heaven on earth through all our tips and tricks, and still get along so famously.

Nathan and I were blessed to be able to buy a fixer-upper a couple of months before we got married. We had more ambition than sense and gutted the thing expecting to have a lovely home by the time we got married.

Nathan is super handy and can make anything beautiful (He grew up in a general contractor family after all). However, we both worked full time and I was still going to college, so it took us longer to get the house complete. 7 years to be exact.

While we were remodeling our house, we would have visitors stop by to see how the progress was going. People would walk in and see the mess and say, “You are such a saint for putting up with all of this construction.”

I was pretty patient, but I had enough faith in Nathan to know that it would be beautiful one day.

While we lived in that house we had four kids. After 14 years of amazingness, we moved to what many of our friends and family call “the boonies”.

We love to travel and visit different places all over the world.

A few years ago, we were blessed to be introduced to an orphanage in Tijuana Mexico where we help organize, paint, fix floors and ceilings, and play with the kids. We love that place.

We are also involved with Builders Without Borders.  Our participation is going on 7 years.  During the first week of June, we build 2 to 3 houses for deserving families in Mexico.

Random things that make us weird!

  • We are perfectly content driving in the car with each other in silence.
  • We look at flooring, paint, and a trip to The Home Depot as a date.
  • Nathan goes to The Home Depot every day. (except Sundays) He knows it like the back of his hand.
  • We live for demolition.
  • We have the opposite taste in pretty much everything, but we somehow get along.