7 Patio Cover Ideas For Winter

7 Patio Cover Ideas For Winter

Even if it may get a little spooky outdoors, you don’t have to spend the entire winter indoors. When the weather becomes cold, homeowners frequently neglect the outdoor spaces, covering them up and doing nothing with them until spring. However, the advantages of outside exceed the time and work needed for a winter patio makeover.

Why waste what can be the ideal location for some close friends to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate next to a roaring fire? No of the season, a well-designed patio can be a terrific spot to host events and take in some much-needed fresh air.

Undoubtedly, you’ll need to make a few modest tweaks to make your outdoor space more functional, even when there’s a bite in the air. But we have you covered.

7 Patio Cover Ideas For Winter

7 Patio Cover Ideas For Winter

Prepare Your Patio Plants For Winter

Nothing gives a patio more atmosphere than vegetation. Several plants make great choices for frigid weather, even if most perennials don’t flourish in the fall and winter. Put vibrant pansies or violas in your planters. Or you may use coral bells in a variety of hues to create even more depth, as The Joy of Plants did in this garden.

Purchase Some Reliable Patio Heaters

Outdoor heaters are a great addition to your winter patio if fire pits and fireplaces aren’t quite your style, or if you just want to add extra heat sources. The best options always produce a great quantity of heat and are propane variants. Additionally, you may move them easily anywhere you need additional warmth.

Build A Patio Roof

We really can’t emphasize enough how much better your outdoor experience will be with an area that has a roof of some kind, even if some climates don’t require any type of structure or cover to hang out on the patio. For a minimum cost of $6,000, you could build an addition off the side of your house to create a well-sheltered area. 

Something overhead can offer a pleasant break from the sun’s harsh beams, even during the warm months. No matter what time of year, even the simplest designs may make a huge difference. The design doesn’t even need to be intricate.

Increase The Ambiance By Using Several Lights

The early sunsets coincide with cooler months.

Don’t let the darkness ruin your time on the patio. So that you can take advantage of the fresh air till the early hours, illuminate your outdoor area. While some fixtures are expensive, string lights may be very cheaply installed in your trees or under a pergola. Additionally, the outcomes are endlessly amazing.

Bamboo Fencing And A Sail Serve As Windbreaks

Do you reside in an apartment with a chilly patio or deck?

With some bamboo fencing and shade sail, make a comfortable corner to keep the cold out. The supplies are readily available and reasonably priced at stores like The Home Depot. Or take on a DIY project, and in a matter of hours, you can turn a bare outdoor space into the ideal place to relax and enjoy a hot toddy.

To Avoid The Cold, Get A Prefabricated Shelter

If the weather where you live makes it difficult to utilize your patio during the winter, consider investing in an enclosed patio or pre-fab greenhouse, like the one we saw in this lovely backyard design.

While shielding yourself and your loved ones from any excessive temperatures, you can still sit under the stars. Whether you enjoy gardening or not, you will find this outdoor space to be really beautiful. You’ll also be the talk of your neighborhood if you have a year-round hangout area.

Install A Pergola

Another option for covering your patio is to install a pergola.

Pergolas are great for providing shade in summer, but they can also be used to protect your patio from the snow and rain in winter. You can buy pergolas ready-made, or you can build one yourself if you’re handy with tools.

Built-in Cover 

If you have a deck attached to your house, you may already have a built-in cover for your patio. If not, there are several ways you can cover your deck to create an outdoor living space that can be used all year round. One option is to install awning panels on the sides of your deck. Another option is to add a roof over the top of your deck.

Warm Things Up By Placing An Outside Mat Under Your Feet

Adding layers is one method to prepare your outdoor space for winter.

And the best place to begin is by covering a cold surface like concrete with a weather-resistant rug. Although the black and white contrast in this example is striking, countless more options are waterproof. Rugs are also a great way to coordinate your winter patio design.

Several Points To Bear In Mind

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when considering winter patio ideas is to make sure that your design choices can endure the environment in which you live. Things to keep you warm should be kept on hand during cold weather. Every outdoor area benefits from having heaters, blankets, and fire pits. 

However, you must ensure that your patio is adequately protected from the weather if you truly want to be able to enjoy your setup as the temperature drops. Make sure your patio is situated in a protected area as opposed to being completely exposed. 

To protect you and your space from rain or snow, think about putting on a roof over your head. Secure all of your outdoor necessities to prevent them from being carried away by the wind.

You can create a winter patio that looks and feels incredibly cozy come rain or shine with some careful planning and regular maintenance.

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