Samsung Smart Computer Monitor


Samsung – M7B Series 43″ Smart Tizen 4K UHD Monitor with HDR10 (HDMI, USB-C) – Black


  • Watch, play, live in style

    Everything you need is right in your screen. Watch, work and chat – all without connecting a separate PC – with Smart Monitor. Your favorite content, productivity and video call apps are built-in for a simpler and more stylish desk setup that’s a joy to use every time.¹

  • Your favorite shows in your space

    Effortless entertainment. Enjoy Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services by simply connecting the monitor to WiFi.

  • Samsung TV Plus also offers free live and on-demand content with no downloads or sign-up needed, while Universal Guide provides personalized content recommendations.², ³, ⁴ , ⁵, ⁶

  • PC-less productivity

    Experience PC-less. Browse the web, edit documents and work on projects, all without the need for a separate PC.

  • With new Workmode, you can also remotely access another PC, use Microsoft 365 programs and even connect to Samsung mobile devices with Samsung DeX for seamless working⁷, ⁸, ⁹, ¹⁰, ¹¹

  • Say hey to your pals

    Jump into any conversation. The SlimFit camera with tilt functionality allows you to create the perfect angle while using your favorite video call apps like Google Duo, which can be accessed directly through the monitor.

  • Plus, the camera cover and option to fully detach always protect your privacy.¹²

  • Hub for your home, from any room

    Turn your Smart Monitor into a control center for the home by connecting it to your IoT home products with SmartThings.

  • Relax by turning off the lights, pulling down the blinds and setting the thermostat to the perfect temperature all with the Smart Monitor for a perfectly relaxed evening.

  • Just say what you want

    With the Far Field Voice feature, activate your voice assistant just by speaking. Directly command the monitor – even at a distance – and tell it what you need. It’s as simple as that. The Smart Monitor supports both Bixby and Amazon Alexa.

  • Gaming Hub

    Expand your experiences. The newly added Gaming Hub means this versatile display allows you to watch movies, work and even play games with just a monitor. Access, browse and stream a wide selection of games – just turn on your Smart Monitor and play with no PC or console needed.

  • Game Bar

    Check and control game settings in an instant. Now, you can easily view the status of the most important settings such as FPS or HDR. Modify response time or screen ratio, as well as the game picture mode without having to leave your game screen to keep you focused on your goal.

  • Content on the big screen made easy

    Convenient connectivity. With AirPlay integration, you can wirelessly connect Apple devices to the Smart Monitor and view on a bigger screen.

  • Enjoy your favorite content from an iPhone, iPad, and Mac on the Smart Monitor and even mirror apps, documents, and websites.

  • Enjoy Contents in vivid detail

    Astonishing picture quality for work and play. With 4x the pixels of Full HD, the Smart Monitor delivers more screen space and amazingly life-like UHD images. By day, see more documents at once. And, in the evening, watch movies in cinematic 4K quality.

  • Optimal brightness, optimum enjoyment

    Sensational picture, day or night. Surrounding light is detected by a sensor to adjust brightness automatically with Adaptive Picture. Even in broad daylight, watch dark, gritty dramas without squinting and straining your eyes to see the picture.

  • Rich sound, real experiences

    With built-in speakers, the M7 provides rich and realistic sounds for a more immersive experience overall.

  • Plus, the Adaptive Sound feature adjusts sound based on a range of content situations, from speech to music to ambient noise, delivering more refined and enjoyable sounds for every listener.

  • Connect with convenience

    The USB type-C port enables you to power up, transmit data, and even send display signals between devices with just one connection. Its single connection architecture brings an enjoyable work environment that’s both clutter-free and stress-free.

  • Reveal the game’s hidden sides

    Keep your eye on the win. Adjust your screen to 21:9 to discover hidden areas in game scenes with Ultrawide Game View. Now when you play soccer games, see more of the pitch right up to the goalposts.

  • Plug and see

    No more switching around. With Automatic Source Switch Plus, your monitor detects newly connected devices as soon they’re plugged in, and displays the correct signal. No more searching for the right input on the menu.

  • ¹On-screen content simulated for demonstration purpose. ²App availability may vary by country and separate subscriptions may be required. ³Requires internet connection and TV tuner is not included. ⁴ Samsung TV Plus and Universal Guide may not be available in some regions.

  • ⁵Remote control specifications may vary by country. ⁶Product color availability may vary by country. ⁷On-screen content simulated for demonstration purpose. ⁸Microsoft 365 requires Microsoft account. ⁹Wireless DeX supported on selected Galaxy, Note, and Tab devices.

  • ¹⁰Windows 10 Pro, Mac OS 10.5, or higher, and compatible network settings are required for this feature. ¹¹Product color availability may vary by country. ¹²Camera accessory should be purchased separately.


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