Sectioned Drawer Dividers


SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers with Inserts and Labels, Adjustable Drawer Organizers, for Home, Office, Dressers, 4 Dividers with 9 Inserts (17-22 in)



sectioned drawer dividersbamboo sectioned drawer dividers

4 Bamboo Drawer Dividers with 9 Customizable Inserts: Tailor your drawer’s interior with our versatile bamboo separators. From cutlery to general utensils, reconfigure spaces effortlessly using the easy-to-place inserts to create compartments of varying sizes.

30 Complimentary Label Stickers: Make identification a breeze with our organizer label set. With a chalk marker, jot down on the label and adhere it to the partitions. A printed arrow on each label streamlines content pinpointing.

Flexible and Expandable Design: Each divider measures 2.35″ in width, 0.6″ in thickness, and boasts an extendable length from 17″ to 22″, ensuring a snug fit in most household drawers, be it in the kitchen, bedroom, washroom, wardrobe, or office.

Stable and Scratch-Proof Dividers: Built with a robust spring-loaded mechanism, these dividers stay securely in place. Plus, the rubber end pads prevent them from shifting while shielding your drawers from potential scrapes.

Sustainable Bamboo Craftsmanship: Carved from premium natural bamboo, these dividers seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of most drawer interiors. Proudly designed with a USPTO Patent Pending status.


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