Sunrise Simulation Light Alarm Clock


Wake Up Light Alarm Clock for Kids, and Heavy Sleepers, with Sunrise Simulation, Dual Alarms, FM Radio, Snooze, Nightlight, Colorful Lights, 7 Natural Sounds


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Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock: Crafted for everyone from deep sleepers to children, this innovative digital alarm clock gently rouses you with a sunrise simulation. Starting at a soft 10% glow, the light intensifies up to 100% over a customizable duration of 10, 20, or 30 minutes, offering a natural waking experience.

Tailored Dual Alarms & Easy Snooze: Catering to different schedules, we’ve incorporated dual alarm settings. Choose from Every Day, Weekday, or Weekend modes to suit your routine. And if you crave those extra few moments of rest, the easy-to-use snooze gives you an additional 9 minutes of slumber.

Vibrant Light Options & Adjustable Brightness: Select from a spectrum of colors including blue, indigo, purple, and more. Enjoy clear LED time display with 3 brightness levels (even completely off) and 20 ambient lighting intensities to match your mood.

FM Radio & Diverse Alarm Tones: Transition into your day with your favorite FM station or select from 7 calming alarm sounds, from chirping birds to soft piano melodies. With manual tuning available and 16 volume levels, you can personalize your morning experience.

Multifunctional Nightlight: Beyond its alarm features, this device doubles as a cozy nightlight, reading lamp, or ambient light. Adjust brightness with the simple “+” or “-” controls. Its soft illumination is perfect for nighttime reading, baby care, or midnight ventures.


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