Airtight Lid Storage Containers


Airtight Food Storage Containers, BPA Free Plastic Storage Containers with Lids | 36-Piece Set, for Kitchen & Pantry Organization


ULTIMATE SET: This comprehensive bundle presents you with 36 kitchen organizers in five varied sizes. It includes 6 Tall Containers (2.5quart/2.8 liters), 6 Large Bins (1.8quart/2.0 liters), 6 Medium Holders (1.3quart/1.4 liters), 6 Compact Containers (0.7quart/0.8 liters), and 12 Petite Jars (0.4quart/0.52 liters) to cater to all your organizational needs. PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Crafted from top-grade, BPA-free plastic, our containers ensure safety without compromising on durability or leaving any odd plastic aftertaste. Their transparent design aids in easy identification of contents. SEAL-TIGHT COVERS: Featuring four-sided locking covers with a black silicone seal, these containers ensure your food remains safeguarded from outside elements, moisture, and potential spills. Uniform lids eliminate the post-wash matching hassle. For optimal closure, align the lid correctly, and it’ll effortlessly snap shut. They are also dishwasher-friendly for easy cleaning. EFFICIENT SPACE UTILIZATION: Designed for compactness, these robust organizers can be stacked, making them perfect for optimizing space in your fridge or pantry, keeping your spaces tidier and more organized. MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideal for preserving items like pasta, cereals, baking essentials, tea, coffee, and more. The package includes 30 chalkboard stickers and 5 measuring cups, enhancing your kitchen’s organization. This set also serves as a thoughtful gift for families.36 airtight storage containers with lidsmom and daughter sitting at counter with several plastic containers with lids


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