Pantry Baskets With Labels


Set of 4 9x12in Pantry Baskets, Woven Kitchen Organizers w/Chalkboard Label, Chalk Marker – Natural


wicker baskets with labels for pantry usevarious labeled wicker baskets inside a pantry

CHALKBOARD TAG & WRITING TOOL INCLUDED: This set comes with a durable, water-resistant chalkboard tag and a marker. Label your items effortlessly and wipe it clean with a moist cloth whenever needed.

STREAMLINE YOUR SPACE: Say goodbye to clutter and organize your belongings for quick access or stylish storage.

MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE: Designed spaciously, these baskets can comfortably accommodate up to 15 pounds, ensuring efficient use of storage space.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Features a wooden veneer chalkboard that ties neatly to the basket. It’s crafted from 100% authentic handwoven water hyacinth, supported by a sturdy wire frame.

VERSATILE USAGE: A delightful and functional touch for any room, these baskets are ideal for sorting laundry, cosmetics, kitchen essentials, and more. DIMENSIONS: 12″(L) x 9″(W) x 5″(H) with a WEIGHT LIMIT of 15 lbs.


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