Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths | Pack of 12, Size:12.6″ x 12.6″


micro fiber cleaning cloths inside a drawerpink yellow blue and green microfiber cleaning cloths stacked

SUPREMELY GENTLE & NON-ABRASIVE – Revel in the tenderness of these high-absorption microfiber cleaning cloths, ideal for polishing windows, utensils, vehicles, and other sensitive surfaces.
EFFICIENT MOISTURE ABSORPTION & STREAK-FREE – Composed of 85% Polyester and 15% Nylon, these cloths are designed to effectively lift moisture from surfaces without leaving behind lint or residue. Whether you’re cleaning appliances, kitchens, or bathrooms, these cloths ensure a gleaming finish.
MASTER VARIOUS CLEANING CHALLENGES – Beyond their prowess on typical surfaces, these superior cloths are also exceptional for cleaning dishes. They tackle grease and residue on oven interiors, dinnerware, and pots with ease. Plus, they act as impeccable dusters, easily wiping away smudges from silverware and glassware.
BUILT FOR DURABILITY & DAILY USE – Enhanced with sturdy stitching and reinforced borders, these microfiber cloths are designed for longevity, standing up to numerous wash cycles. Their lightweight design coupled with high absorbency ensures rapid drying and everyday utility.
MR.SIGA’s commitment: Simplifying your household chores and contributing to a cleaner planet. Should you have any queries about our products or need assistance post-purchase, we’re always here to assist and guide!


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