Baby Proof Safety Latches


Invisible Baby Proofing Cabinet Latch Locks (10 Pack) Good for Drawers and Cabinets


baby proof safety latch

ENHANCED DESIGN – In response to valuable feedback, we’ve introduced a version with an extended hook arm, catering especially to kitchens with countertop overhangs. Moreover, we’ve amplified the adhesive’s surface area for added stability! SIMPLE FOR ADULTS, SAFE FROM KIDS – These locks endure a pull tension of up to 20lbs, ensuring they remain child-resistant. Yet, for adults, accessing locked cabinets is a breeze with a simple press against the spring-activated latch, eliminating the need for unique keys or magnets. HASSLE-FREE & NON-INVASIVE INSTALLATION – Say goodbye to tools! With robust 3M adhesives, you can seamlessly set them up without drilling or screwing into your furniture. Plus, when it’s time for removal, the adhesive leaves no residue, making it a renter’s best friend. DISCREET APPEARANCE – Standing apart from conventional magnetic and knob locks, our design is inconspicuously nestled behind doors, ensuring your child’s focus remains undistracted. Maintain your home’s aesthetic appeal without any visible safety mechanisms. UNIVERSAL FIT – Tailored to integrate seamlessly with any cabinetry, our latches are versatile, fitting cabinets with or without crossbars. For those without crossbars, we’ve included buckles to ensure a secure fit.


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