Bamboo Drawer Dividers


6 Pack Bamboo Drawer Dividers, Adjustable Drawer Organizer, and Expandable Organization for Kitchen, Office, Bedroom, Dressers, and Bathroom


drawer open with dividersdrawer dividers

Pure Bamboo Construction
​1​Effortlessly sort kitchen tools or garments with this versatile organizer. Ensure everything is tidy, orderly, and within easy reach.
​2​Our flexible dividers stretch from 14″ to 19″, providing a snugger fit within the drawer than previous versions.
​3​With an inherent spring mechanism, these dividers easily adjust to accommodate most drawers, maintaining their position securely.
​4​Each end of these bamboo dividers comes with embedded foam padding, ensuring your drawers are safeguarded from any potential scuffs and ensuring a stable hold.
​5​Crafted from 100% genuine Moso bamboo, these cutlery dividers are both long-lasting and a breeze to maintain—just a swift wipe with a moist cloth will do.


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