Two Tone Deck Stain Ideas: Create a Stunning Outdoor Space

Hey there, deck enthusiast! Are you ready to give your outdoor space a serious glow-up? I’ve got two words for you: two tone. Yep, you heard me right. Forget boring, one-dimensional decks. It’s time to embrace the power of dynamic duos and create a backyard oasis that’ll make your neighbors green with envy. Trust me, once you see these stunning two tone deck stain ideas, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for anything less.

So, what exactly is a two tone deck? It’s simple. You choose two complementary stain colors and apply them to different parts of your deck, creating a visually striking contrast that adds depth and dimension. Think of it like a stylish outfit – you wouldn’t wear head-to-toe black, would you? (Well, maybe you would, but that’s beside the point.) The key is to find the perfect color combo that suits your style and elevates your outdoor aesthetic.

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The Most Popular and Beautiful Two Tone Deck Stain Colors

deck colors - dark wood and light wood deck

Two-toned decks are all the rage right now. And for good reason. They add visual interest, depth, and dimension to your outdoor space. Plus, with the right color combinations, a two-tone deck can be an absolute showstopper.


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Two Tone Deck Stain Ideas – Soften With Gray

Gray is a classic choice for a two-toned deck. It’s soft, and sophisticated, and pairs beautifully with a wide range of colors. This gray is our favorite –> Here. Try a light gray on the deck floor and a darker charcoal on the railings for a modern, monochromatic look. Or mix things up with a warm, weathered gray on the floor and crisp white railings for a coastal-inspired vibe.

Toner stains are closest to a clear sealer and contain just a hint of color, imparting only a slight hue to the wood that won’t change the deck’s overall look. For the best protection, toner must be reapplied every year.

Opt for Two Tone Deck Stain of Wood

 light gray and dark gray stained patio

For a natural, organic feel, consider using two different wood tones on your deck. This look is achieved by using a solid color stain on vertical surfaces like railings and a semi-transparent stain on horizontal surfaces like the floor.

The vertical surfaces, which may include railing spindles, fascia, and stair stringers, are stained a solid color. The horizontal surfaces, which may include the floor, bench seats, and railing hand caps, are stained a semi-transparent color.

Choose a rich mahogany for the railings and a warm honey tone for the floor. Or go for a dark walnut on the verticals and a golden oak on the horizontals. The possibilities are endless.

Two Tone Deck Stain Ideas -Punch It Up With Pops of Color

best solid deck stain - multicolor tiles on floor

Want to make a bold statement? Incorporate a vibrant pop of color into your two-toned deck design. Paint the railings a bright turquoise or sunny yellow for a fun, playful look. Or go for a deep, dramatic red or purple to really wow your guests.

Semitransparent stains are the most popular opacity level. They add noticeable color to the deck, but the wood grain still shows. They offer some deck sealer protection, but plan to recoat every 2 to 3 years.

Just remember to keep the deck floor a neutral tone so the color doesn’t overwhelm the space.


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9 Best Deck Colors for a Two Tone Deck Stain Ideas

We’ve got some great ideas for a two tone deck and patio for your home. These nine colors and combinations of colors are a perfect backdrop for any deck or patio. Check them out.

1. Golden Oak

best deck stain remover - oak wood for patio

Welcome to the world of deck transformation, where a splash of stain can turn your outdoor space from blah to breathtaking! Today, we’re zeroing in on a color that has homeowners and DIY enthusiasts buzzing with excitement – Golden Oak. This hue is not just a color; it’s an instant upgrade to your backyard oasis.

Why Choose Golden Oak for Best Solid Deck Stain?

The beauty of Golden Oak lies in its versatility and timeless appeal. It’s like that classic piece of furniture you inherited from grandma – always stylish and incredibly durable. But don’t let its traditional roots fool you; this color packs a modern punch when paired with the right accessories and decor.

  • Versatility: Whether your deck is basking in sunlight or shaded by towering trees, Golden Oak adapts beautifully, reflecting light tones under the sun while offering warmth and depth in cooler settings.
  • Durability: When armed with the best solid deck stain formula, decks colored in Golden Oak stand up remarkably well against wear and tear. Remember to start your project off right by prepping the wood with the best deck stain remover for flawless application.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: This shade brings out the natural grain of wood decking materials, creating an inviting ambiance that beckons family members outdoors regardless of season.

To ensure optimal results when bringing this vision to life, using quality tools such as the best deck stain brush will make all the difference between an okay job and a spectacular outcome. Trust us; your back (and sanity) will thank you during those long hours spent perfecting each stroke!

Tips for Incorporating Golden Oak into Your Outdoor Space

  1. Pick complementary colors wisely: Consider surrounding elements like landscaping or home siding colors. Neutral tones work wonders alongside vibrant greenery or earthy brick textures.
  2. Maintenance matters: To keep that gorgeous golden hue gleaming year after year, commit to regular maintenance checks every 2-5 years depending on exposure levels—sunlight versus shade—and foot traffic intensity over seasons. Learn more about maintaining your stained deck here… Contact Us today if need help selecting other great paint ideas & color options, our team would love to assist in making your dream a reality!

2. Dark Brown for Deck Colors

deck colors dark brown stain

If you’re looking to give your deck a modern yet timeless makeover, going dark brown like this one –> Here is like giving it the espresso shot it desperately needs. Not only does this color add a rich depth to your outdoor space, but it also hides the sins of past parties and pet escapades better than any deck stain color ideas out there.

Why settle for the usual when you can choose dark brown—a hue that perfectly balances between classic warmth and contemporary flair? Whether you opt for solid deck paints or semi-transparent sealers from top-notch brands like Behr or Benjamin Moore, dark brown has got you covered—literally.

  • Versatility: Works with both traditional and modern exterior palettes.
  • Coverage: Excellent at concealing imperfections on older decks.
  • Pigmentation: Offers enhanced protection due to its darker pigment content.

Beyond aesthetics, let’s talk about practicality. Using the best deck stain remover, followed by applying a coat (or two) of our beloved dark brown using the best deck stain brush, will ensure an even application that lasts through seasons of sunbathing and snowball fights alike. Remember, transitioning from light to dark is always easier—you won’t have nightmares about old colors peeking through after every rainfall!

Incorporating this shade into your decking project not only promises an aesthetic upgrade but also extends longevity with its superior coverage capabilities. Think of it as donning sunglasses; not just any pair but polarized lenses that protect while enhancing everything in view—that’s what choosing the best solid deck stain in dark brown will do for your wooden haven. So why wait? Dive into the deep end with us and watch as your deck transforms into everyone’s favorite outdoor spot!

3. Light Gray for a Good Deck Stain Color Ideas

best deck stain brush - gray stain on deck

If you and your partner are diving into the adventurous journey of remodeling, why not consider a deck color that’s as calming as your aspirations? Enter light gray, like this one Here a hue that promises to keep you sane amidst construction chaos while offering an effortlessly chic backdrop for those future backyard soirees.

When it comes to selecting the best paint products, experts like Mike Kremsreiter from Improovy suggest going with tried-and-tested options such as Sherwin Williams Porch & Floor Enamel, Benjamin Moore’s Floor & Patio Latex Enamel, or their Arborcoat Solid Color Stain for that impeccable finish and lasting durability.

Moving beyond just picking the right product, let’s talk application. To ensure your deck stands up against time (and weather), reaching for an oil-based stain is recommended over acrylic-based alternatives. This isn’t just us being picky! Oil-based stains have a knack for enduring longer, making them perfect candidates for both the best solid deck stain category and ensuring your sanctuary remains timeless.

  • The Brush Matters: Don’t skimp on tools! Investing in the best deck stain brush can make or break your DIY project.
  • R&R (Remove & Restain): Prioritize preparation by using the best deck stain remover to clear old finishes, guaranteeing a smooth canvas for your new favorite shade of gray.

Apart from its modern appeal, light gray serves as an excellent neutral base that complements various exterior elements—from black front doors elevating sophistication to slate-colored sidings enhancing contemporary vibes. It bridges indoor elegance with outdoor charm seamlessly—a match made in heaven when aiming to extend interior color schemes outdoors without missing a beat.

In essence, opting for light gray not only aligns with current trends but ensures versatility across different styles and themes you might explore down this exciting path of home improvement together. So grab those brushes (the good ones!), rally alongside “Mox And Company”, and transform your decking area into a serene yet stylish retreat!

4. Beige or Tan Deck Stain Options

color ideas for patio

If you’re diving into the world of deck remodeling with your better half, and both of you are on the brink of pulling each other’s hair out, fear not! Choosing a beige or tan stain for your deck might just be the peace treaty you need. Not only does this color scheme promise a classic look that refuses to go out of style, but it also offers a warm and inviting ambiance perfect for those sunset BBQs or early morning coffees.

The Cost Breakdown: What You Need to Know

Before we get too carried away dreaming about our future beige oasis, let’s talk numbers. On average, painting a deck will set you back between $1,382 to $2,251. This figure can swing north or south depending on several factors like the size and condition of your beloved deck.

Now here comes the kicker – if there’s any rotted wood lurking around (hopefully not!), replacing each board could cost an additional $162 to $196. And while we’re talking about costs, don’t forget that choosing high-quality deck paint is crucial; it might be tempting to skimp here but remember – quality over quantity!

Picking The Right Tools For A Flawless Finish

  • The Best Deck Stain Remover: Before applying that gorgeous new coat of stain, make sure any remnants from past adventures are completely gone. Investing in the best deck stain remover will ensure a clean slate.
  • The Best Deck Stain Brush: Believe us when we say using the right brush makes all the difference! It ensures even coverage and can drastically reduce application time.
  • The Best Solid Deck Stain: When picking your shade within the beige/tan spectrum for that solid finish – think ‘longevity’. The best solid deck stain will offer durability against weather changes while keeping its chic appearance intact.

To dive deeper into making these decisions without losing your sanity (or love) along this journey called home improvement. Remember, choosing colors like beige or tan isn’t just about following trends—it’s about creating timeless outdoor living spaces where memories are made.

5. Black – Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a Touch of Drama

two tone deck stain ideas

If you’re diving into the world of deck remodeling, why not consider stepping out of the traditional color palette and embracing something bold? Yes, we’re talking about painting your deck black! It’s not just any color; it’s a statement. Imagine hosting an evening soiree on a sleek black deck illuminated by soft outdoor lighting—sounds like something out of an upscale design magazine, right?

Black as a deck paint color brings sophistication and contemporary flair to your backyard oasis. Pairing this bold choice with white railings creates stunning contrast while complementing dark gray wicker furniture sets off an elegant vibe that screams modern luxury.

  • Dramatic Accent: A black deck serves as a powerful backdrop against which your landscaping and architectural details can truly pop.
  • Versatile Pairing: Whether you’re aiming for minimalist chic or rustic charm, black adapts seamlessly to various outdoor themes.

We know what you might be thinking: “But won’t my deck turn into a frying pan under the sun?” True, darker colors absorb more heat—and yes, walking barefoot might become akin to firewalking in mid-July. But fear not! This is where smart planning comes into play. Incorporating an attractive outdoor rug or strategically placing footwear stations can mitigate these fiery challenges without sacrificing style.

Beyond aesthetics and practical considerations like the best solid stain remover for those inevitable spills (best deck stain remover here!) or finding the perfect brush that doesn’t leave bristles behind (best deck stain brush recommendation!), choosing black requires thoughtful preparation. Consider how this daring hue will harmonize with your home’s existing palette and landscape before taking the plunge.

In essence, opting for a black-painted surface introduces elegance but also demands careful consideration regarding maintenance (hello, solid b solution cleaner), compatibility with surroundings (will it clash or complement?),and functionality (ready for those sandals!). Yet when executed well, a painted surface can transform your ordinary decking area into an extraordinary extension of living space ripe for making memories.

6. Light Walnut

best solid deck stain

Embarking on the adventure of remodeling or redecorating your deck can feel like navigating through a jungle without a map—exciting yet slightly intimidating. But fear not, intrepid homeowners! The quest for the perfect deck stain color is about to get a whole lot easier with our spotlight on Light Walnut.

“But wait,” you might ask, “what’s the big deal about choosing between paint and stain?”. Well, let me tell you—it’s all in how they cozy up to your wood. Unlike paint, which just sits there like an uninvited guest forming a film on top of your deck, solid stains are like that friend who always brings snacks—they penetrate the wood and make themselves at home without suffocating it. This means no peeling or chipping as seen with paint over time; instead, expect a graceful fade worthy of any home décor magazine.

If we’re talking decks (and we are), understanding this difference is crucial when aiming for that perfect aesthetic balance between durability and natural beauty—which brings us back to our hero shade: Light Walnut.

  • Natural Wood Charm: If showcasing those gorgeous wood grains while adding a touch of warmth sounds appealing, then light walnut should be right up your alley—or deck in this case!
  • Versatility: Perfectly nestled between Honey’s cheerfulness and Dark Brown’s seriousness lies Light Walnut—a hue versatile enough to complement both lush green landscapes and sleek concrete finishes alike.
  • The Right Tools: To achieve peak perfection with this semi-transparent gem, don’t forget to arm yourself with the best tools—the best deck stain brush, because precision matters; followed by using only the highest quality best solid deck stain.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: To keep it looking fresh year after year don’t shy away from employing the use of Best Deck Stain Remover. This will ensure longevity making sure those weekend BBQs stay classy.

7. Natural Deck and Patio Stains

natural patio stain ideas

Welcome to the serene world of natural deck stain options, whether you’re knee-deep in construction dust or just dabbling in real estate investing, choosing the right deck stain can be both an exciting and overwhelming part of your journey. Let’s dive into why going natural with your deck is not only a stylish choice but also a practical one.

The Best Picks for That Perfect Natural Look

When it comes to highlighting the raw beauty of wood on your deck, nothing beats the allure of oil-based stains that let those grains shine through. Our favorites include Rymar Xtreme Weather Wood Sealer, Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Translucent Classic Oil Finish, and Ready Seal. These products not only protect and preserve but do so while enhancing the wood’s natural charm.

Ease Your Prep Work With The Right Tools & Techniques

To ensure these beautiful stains adhere well and last longer, starting with a clean slate is crucial. This means reaching out for the best deck stain remover before applying any new coat – because nobody wants their efforts washed away with next week’s rain! Once clean, using the best deck stain brush will make the application smooth sailing without leaving unsightly streaks or patches behind.

Maintaining this naturally stained look requires minimal effort compared to other finishes; typically, all it needs is an occasional wash down before re-staining every few years—making it perfect for busy couples who’d rather spend time enjoying their backyard oasis than maintaining it constantly. Remember: when selecting colors from various deck color ideas available today, opting for hues that complement nature’s palette ensures timeless appeal and harmony with surrounding landscapes. So go ahead—embrace those woody tones fully by picking up some samples from our top picks listed above! Your journey towards creating an inviting outdoor sanctuary starts here—with patience, the right tools (don’t forget about finding that perfect brush!), and perhaps most importantly—a sense of humor as you navigate through choices together as a team. Happy staining!

8. Redwood

best solid patio stain

If you’re part of the couple’s club diving into the deep end of remodeling or redecorating, let’s talk about giving your deck a makeover with that warm, inviting glow of redwood deck stain. Choosing a natural or clear coat deck color not only highlights the beauty of your outdoor space but also pays homage to nature’s exquisite craftsmanship in wood grain.

The Charm of Going Natural

Opting for a natural deck stain is like choosing to wear no makeup and still look stunning—it shows off all the intricate details and unique characteristics of your wood. And hey, if you ever decide to switch things up, painting over it is always an option down the road. But remember, while this route showcases Mother Nature’s artistry at its finest with minimal interference, it does come with its quirks.

  • Lifespan: A transparent stain might have you reapplying more often than sending out holiday cards—with luck stretching it out every one to two years.
  • Maintenance: It doesn’t throw much in terms of armor against weather and wear; think sunscreen instead of full-on chainmail.
  • Note: You can’t slap on a natural coat over previous paint jobs or stains without stripping them down first—a task as appealing as listening to nails on a chalkboard.

To avoid turning your decking project into an episode from “Renovation Nightmares,” consider bypassing the whole strip-down saga. Chemical strippers? Sanding till dawn? No thanks! Instead, why not consult with a pro? Finding someone skilled in installing composite decking could save you heaps—both sanity-wise and financially—in the long run by opting for something virtually maintenance-free yet equally gorgeous.

Intrigued by other ways to spruce up your outdoor living area without losing sleep (or love) over it? Check out our tips on finding the best solid deck stain, wielding the best deck stain brush, and tackling those projects armed with the best deck stain remover. Remember, deck colors play pivotal roles in setting moods—so choose wisely!

Contact Mox And Company today for more insights into making construction fun again!

9. Slate or Blue

If you’re embarking on the adventurous journey of remodeling your deck with your significant other, why not consider stepping out of the conventional color palette and diving into something more daring like slate or blue? This choice is not just about making a statement; it’s about creating an oasis that reflects both of your personalities.

The Magic Behind Choosing Slate or Blue

Slate and blue tones can transform any ordinary deck into a serene retreat or a vibrant gathering space. These colors work wonders in complementing the natural hues of your garden while adding an element of sophistication to your outdoor living area. Whether you opt for a light sky blue to brighten up the space or choose a deep navy that evokes elegance, these shades are sure to impress.

  • Best Deck Stain Remover: Before applying new stain, ensure old stains are thoroughly removed for best results. A quality remover will prepare your wood surface properly.
  • Best Deck Stain Brush: Invest in a high-quality brush specifically designed for deck staining to achieve smooth and even coverage without bristle loss.

To get started on this transformative journey, first use the best solid deck stain, which offers long-lasting protection against weather elements while showcasing those beautiful slate or blue tones you’ve fallen in love with. Don’t forget — choosing the right tools matters as much as picking out colors! The best deck stain brush makes application seamless and professional-looking, ensuring every nook and cranny gets covered evenly.

Tips for Pairing With Your Home’s Exterior

Selecting either slate or blue doesn’t mean going at it alone; think about how these colors harmonize with existing elements around your home.For homes enveloped by lush greenery, a lighter shade of blue might bring out nature’s vibrancy, creating an inviting contrast. Conversely, a darker shade like charcoal gray could offer depth alongside modern architecture, making bold statements all around.
And let’s not overlook stain color ideas; this is where creativity kicks in!

Remember, the goal here isn’t just surviving through construction but thriving amidst transformation. As partakers
in Mox And Company’s philosophy, it’s all about loving this journey together – splashes
of paint, strokes of brushes, and everything between. Let’s make decking decisions fun,
informative, and above all, a reflection of our collective spirit.Ready, set, paint!

Get Back to Basics

deck stain ideas

Sometimes, simplicity is key. A classic black-and-white color scheme is always in style and works with virtually any home aesthetic. Paint the railings a crisp white and stain the deck floor a deep, rich black. The contrast is striking and the look is timeless.

When applying stain over a previously stained deck, the general rule is to go with a similar or darker shade instead of a lighter hue. An existing dark color can overpower the tone of a lighter stain. If a lighter color is the goal, first sand off the existing darker stain. Alternatively, some manufacturers make a deck-bleaching product that lightens and brightens old stain to accommodate a lighter tint.

Mix in Metal

For a modern, industrial vibe, try incorporating metal into your two-toned deck design. Opt for sleek, black metal railings and a warm, natural wood tone on the floor. Or go for a weathered, rustic look with distressed metal railings and a cool, grayish-blue stain on the deck boards. The combination of wood and metal is unexpected and undeniably chic.

Tips for Picking the Best Two Tone Deck Stain Color for Your Home

Choosing the perfect two-toned color scheme for your deck can be daunting. But with a few simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating an outdoor oasis you’ll love for years to come.

More Undertones Give You More Options

deck colors - tan and beige

When selecting colors for your two-toned deck, consider the undertones. Colors with similar undertones will create a cohesive, harmonious look while contrasting undertones will add visual interest and depth.

While choosing a deck color is a matter of preference, the product should go on uniformly and leave the deck looking fresh, natural, and new. These deck stain products differ in type and hue, but each is well suited for staining various kinds of wood decking.

For example, pair a warm, red-toned wood stain with a cool, blue-toned gray paint for a dynamic, eye-catching combo. Or stick with all warm tones for a cozy, inviting feel. If you prefer a more understated, sophisticated look, opt for colors with similar undertones. This will create a sense of consistency and flow throughout your outdoor space. Try a light, creamy beige on the railings and a slightly darker taupe on the floor. Or go for a soft, sage green on the verticals and a rich, forest green on the horizontals.

Complementary Undertones Create Eye-Catching Contrast

For a bolder look, choose colors with complementary undertones. This means colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange or purple and yellow. Paint the railings a deep, navy blue and stain the deck floor a warm, golden orange. Or go for a rich, eggplant purple on the verticals and a bright, sunny yellow on the horizontals.

Two Tone Deck Stain Ideas – Be Bold in Decision Making

gray and black deck stain color ideas

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to choose colors that you love. Don’t be afraid to take risks and think outside the box. A two-toned deck is a great opportunity to express your personal style and create an outdoor space that truly reflects your taste. So go bold, have fun, and enjoy the process.

The Essentials for Creating a Stunning Two-Toned Deck

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect color scheme for your two tone deck stain ideas, it’s time to bring your vision to life. Here are a few essentials to keep in mind as you embark on your deck transformation. When selecting colors for your two-toned deck, consider the color of your house. You want your deck to complement your home’s exterior, not clash with it. If your house is a neutral tone like beige or gray, you have more flexibility with your deck colors. But if your house is a bold color like red or blue, you’ll want to choose deck colors that coordinate rather than compete.

Two Tone Deck Stain Ideas – Customize Your Layout and Design

The beauty of a two-toned deck is that you can customize the layout and design to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Maybe you want a designated dining area with a lighter color on the floor to create a bright, airy feel. Or perhaps you want a cozy conversation nook with a darker, more intimate color scheme.

Selecting Railings to Complement Your Two Tone Deck Stain Ideas

Don’t forget about the railings. They play a crucial role in the overall look and feel of your two-toned deck. If you want a sleek, modern look, opt for metal or cable railings in a color that coordinates with your deck floor. For a more traditional feel, go for wood railings in a color that complements your deck’s vertical surfaces.

Why Choose a Two-Toned Deck?

black railing deck stain color ideas

So why should you consider a two-toned deck stain ideas for your outdoor space? Here are just a few reasons: 1. It adds visual interest and depth to your deck design. 2. It allows you to incorporate multiple colors and finishes into your outdoor space. 3. It can help define different areas or “zones” on your deck. 4. It’s a great way to express your personal style and creativity. 5. It can increase the perceived value of your home.

You can give any wood deck an updated look with SaverSystems #1 Deck Premium wood stain, which is available in a handful of rich, semi-transparent stains. This stain-and-sealant combo protects wood from fading and graying while imparting a natural wood tone. It can give an old, weathered deck a fresh new look while providing moisture-resistant qualities.

Get the deck stain at Amazon or Walmart.

Two Tone Deck Stain Ideas

Need some inspiration for your two-toned deck stain ideas project? Check out these ideas:

  • 1. A warm, honey-toned deck floor with crisp, white railings and a pop of color on the stair risers.
  • 2. A cool, grayish-blue deck floor with rich, dark brown railings and a cozy built-in bench. 3. A light, weathered gray deck floor with sleek, black metal railings and modern, geometric patterned throw pillows.
  • 4. A deep, forest-green deck floor with warm, natural wood railings and lush, potted plants.
  • 5. A bright, turquoise deck floor with crisp, white railings and colorful, bohemian-inspired outdoor furniture. Get the Seal-Once deck stain at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Walmart. Get the deck stain at Amazon, Lowe’s, or Walmart. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a beautiful, two-toned deck. So get creative, have fun, and enjoy your new outdoor oasis.
Key Takeaway: 


Two-toned decks are hot right now because they add a unique look to your outdoor space. Whether you go for soft grays, natural wood tones, or bold pops of color, there’s no shortage of ways to make your deck stand out. Don’t forget the essentials: complement your house’s color and pick railings that tie everything together. And remember, choosing colors you love is key to creating an outdoor oasis that reflects your personal style.


Two tone deck stain ideas are the secret weapon to creating an outdoor space that’s both stylish and inviting. A little trick with contrasting colors can turn any plain deck into an eye-catching highlight of your backyard. Whether you opt for classic combos like gray and white or bold pops of color, the possibilities are endless.

Remember, your deck is an extension of your home, so these two tone deck stain ideas should not stop you from letting your personality shine through. Imagine transforming a room into something truly special just by picking the right shades of stain. It becomes not just a space but YOUR space where laughter fills the air and every corner holds a memory.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your stain, your brushes, and your sense of adventure. It’s time to use these two tone deck stain ideas and fall in love with your outdoor space all over again. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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